Recent Views On Presidents Not Giving A Single Shit About Genocide, Seriously, At All.

President Obama on Syria- I’m noting going to do anything, it’s Syria’s problem, but at least it’s not Rwanda.

President Clinton on Rwanda- “We didn’t know what was going on, just didn’t have the information (SAID ANY PRESIDENT EVER, NOT! HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW??? YOU’RE THE PRESIDENT!) so we didn’t do anything, but at least it wasn’t WHATEVER NIXON DID”

President Nixon on Whatever, “At least it wasn’t Bangladesh!”

President Ford on Bangladesh- “Hey, at least it wasn’t Cambodia.”

President Carter on Cambodia- We told the world that Cambodia it was wrong, thought that would be enough just didn’t turn out well it, wasn’t my fault. At least it wasn’t the Holocaust.”

President Roosevelt- “At least it wasn’t… I GOT NOTHING.”

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