10 Summer TV Shows You Can’t Miss

Summertime usually means a lull in original TV programming. Wrong! This summer, the networks are rolling out dozens of new shows. Which ones are worth your time? Kipp’s here to share his top ten.

1. Bollywood Game Night (STAR Plus) – Join host Amitabh Bachchan as he invites some of Bollywood’s biggest names into his apartment for rousing games of Gyan Chaupar and Vaishnava. Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan, and Vidya Balan are scheduled to appear.

2. So You Think You Can Fold Laundry (Fox) – Celebrity judges Bobcat Goldthwait, Susan Lucci, and Ernie Hudson help determine which of America’s talented young launderers have what it takes to be the next top folder.

3. Are You Smarter Than A Road Grader? (Fox) – Contestants from all over America face a barrage of trivia questions in a battle of wits against a Komatsu Model GD511A-1 road grader.

4. Seinfeld (NBC) – The “show about nothing” continues to generate laughs with its irreverent take on life in the big city.  Although ratings have dropped significantly since the 1997 series finale, Seinfeld and company return for another season of laughs.

5. America’s Got Talons (NBC) – Finally, the nation’s top falconers have a venue to share their unique talents with a broadcast audience.

6. The Great Mouse Detective  (AMC) – In this gritty reboot of the classic Disney animated masterpiece, Michael Chiklis plays Randolph “Mouse” Basil, a hardened NYPD detective who is on the hunt for his wife’s murderer.

7. Extreme Makeover: Louie Anderson Edition (ABC) – Ty Pennington and his crew of experts have only 26 episodes to whip comedian Louie Anderson into shape. Do they have what it takes?

8. Lady Terlington’s Haberdashery (PBS) – In this remake of the popular British series, Constance Terlington (Pamela Anderson) is a struggling haberdasher trying to make it in the boys’ club of haberdashery.

9. Star Wars: Episode II (Spike) – Young Anakin Skywalker struggles against the dark forces of terrible actor Hayden Christensen.

10. TV Guide Channel (TV Guide Channel)Despite the cold, unrelenting advance of time, the TV Guide Channel remains calm in the face of horrible, horseshit television programs like TMZ.

About Kipp Beansworth

Kipp Beansworth is The Shockuation Rooms's entertainment and pop-culture correspondent. He has several elaborate theories involving pop culture and the McKinley assassination, all of which are available on request. Kipp began his professional life as a veterinarian. In time, however, his affection for writing, popular culture, and television eclipsed his veterinary ambitions. He shoved his feline cadavers in the back of the closet, gave their living-room space to DVD sets of Three's Company, and never looked back. Although he hasn't owned a television set in nearly three decades, Kipp has recapped several hundred hours of programming — including both Citizen Kane movies, for which he did not receive hazard pay. Since 2011, he has been a contributor to the Shockuation Room, where he has written about books, movies, television and pop-culture miscellany. Kipp's work has also appeared in Ferrets Magazine, Paranoia Magazine, and in many, many veterinary medical journals. Kipp lives in Burbank, CA., where he devotes himself to his grand-nieces, Scrabble, and perfecting his plan to build the world's best rollercoaster.
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