Nine out of Ten Doctors Recommend Shredded Wheat

Doctors are enamored with Shredded Wheat. The brick of tasteless, uh, wheat, I guess. Nine out of ten doctors say, eat that up, eat it! You’ll poop and stuff! 9 out of 10 doctors with more than fifteen years experience would recommend Post Shredded Wheat as part of a healthy diet to help reduce the risk of heart disease and maintain a healthy heart. Post Shredded Wheat contains zero sodium, saturated fat or cholesterol, but plenty of whole grains and fiber, making it a favorite in the medical community.

Now, I would like you to guess what doctor does not recommend Shredded Wheat? Yeah that’s right, this Doctor.

If you’re into eating fiber. Eat some cardboard. That has more fiber and they are less smug about the doctor approval thing.

If you’re eating cereal eat something that tastes good, that’s my advice.


 Dr. Sanskrit Grumpay is one of the foremost intellectual leaders on everything.

-James Dust

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