Presidential Dynasties: The Kennedy’s and The Clinton’s Part 2

The Kennedy’s and the Clinton’s are a substance yet to be created that is better than Teflon.

The things they are do are forgotten, covered up or just like an raw egg being slid off a non-stick pan into the garbage to never be spoken of again.

This article will be on the Kennedy’s.

The reign of JFK lasted thirty fives months. Far less time than it takes an 18 year old girl to graduate from college. Anyway he did somethings. You’ve heard about how wonderful he and the family is so let’s look into the not so terrific things that he accomplished in roughly 12775 days. Which is honestly how long I want a vacation for. IN A ROW.

Anyway.  Here we go.

Good ole Jack one America’s of the favorite presidents ever-

  1. Let’s start with the Bay of Pigs. Yes, it was a CIA designed operation constructed during the Eisenhower years, but good Jack pushed it forward into fruition.  The roughly 1300 CIA trained troops were way over matched. They were hoping on the uprising being sown in the streets when they arrived. The men also relied on air support and naval support. Which Kennedy decided were bad ideas, cancelling them at nearly the last minute. He provided less than 40 minutes of air support and almost no Naval Ships. Wonder why it turned into such a disaster and can be used as a interchangeably with a failed military exercise.

2. In the Vienna Summit Nikita Khrushchev totally thrashed Kennedy in the meeting leaving Khrushchev with the feeling that the younger, inexperienced Kennedy is someone he could push around. Which he proved soon

3. That lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis….. The Russians weren’t too happy with the locations of some nuclear bombs that were within reach of their country. So Khruschchev decided to ship some bombs to Cubu. Bringing us within a whiff of nuclear apocalypse. Yes, Kennedy handled this well, but if you look into it more it was Bobby Kennedy’s ideas and words that prevented a nuclear winter.

4. Vietnam- Kennedy was responsible for escalating the war to an insane number of men and machine in the country. In 1962. U.S. men on the ground in the field rose from 746 in January to over 3,400 by June. In 1963 there were 16300 and by 1964 the total amount of soldiers were 23,300. Yet, no one mentions Kennedy’s escalation. Yes, Lyndon Johnson increased the number to an astronomical 184300 and by 1968 536100. However, this is never mentioned that there were only advisors when Kennedy took over and he pumped men and machinery into the country that a war would rage for about 14 years. Whoops no biggie, it’s Kennedy.

5. Kennedy was a complete manwhore. He had several mistresses that were known by the FBI and covered up by those FBI agents. If this would have happened in present time we would have found out exactly how many women he cheated on his already gorgeous wife with. One of the women he had an affair with was Inga Arvad, who had accompanied Hitler to the 1936 Olympic Games. Which is a little strange.

6. Oh, his brother, Teddy drove his car into a river and killed his girlfriend and didn’t do shit about it. He didn’t get in any trouble and went on to serve in the Senate until he died. I know that’s not JFK’s fault. but more proof of a magical more magical slippery surface than Teflon.

-Stay Tuned-


James Dust


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