Tiny Changes That May Make Life Better. Or I’m Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land

Our people’s indifference now make the difference.


We live in a world so obsessed with making it, pushing people out of their way to try to succeed. In a trance throughout the day finding out they are practically indifferent to what anyone is doing at every given second transforms you into an individual walking through the street next to a man making sweet love to their phone gravely unimportant. Don’t worry. I’m not saying that it is difficult to fall into this routine. It’s REALLY easy: I think at times that I am guilty of performing the same thing. No, I’m far from perfection. I end up forgetting people all the time. I forgot the fact that the people I’m blowing off are real people too. Not just someone with you’re passing trying not to make a social interaction.

This goes for people not only in need but, others in general. People that could desperately use any form of social interaction to improve their day. We walk the streets of our cities talking to people on our phones, not acknowledging the person that is walking next to you. Perhaps, waiting to make eye contact and ask you how are you doing. Instead, you’re wrapped up in talking gossip and nonsense like the next level of Angry Birds or something idiotic instead of face- to- face interaction. But, it seems like we on this planet don’t care too much about… much.

I don’t mean to sound like a hippie claiming how the power of love can change the world. How, if we love each other all the evil in the world, like all those fat cat corporations destined to keep the profits would just disappear in a sea of sadness. However, I will be a modern day hippie. I will say that there are things that all of us can do especially on a consistent basis that can change the attitude of those of around you. Now let my hippie fly through these next lines. Do you realize the power of saying “hello” with a smile? Or just asking someone how they are doing today? These things make not only the person that displaying these attitudes, but the person receiving them feel a connection with another creature even if they have no clue on Earth who they could be. Or if they ever in their life see that person again.

Sadly, these are things we used to do on a common basis. But, now because of technology, people constantly being transfixed to their portable computer, wondering what everyone is up to on their social media: these basic human interactions have become almost off putting and stressful. Nearly causing crippling social anxiety. “Why is this person saying hello to me? This is certainly odd.” Now, if you sent a text to the person you’re passing in the street just saying, “Oh hello, it’s me I’m about to pass you on the street.” That would be met with uproarious laughter and possibly casual sex?

Personally, I love technology. That doesn’t mean when I do go out to see people I bury my head my in palm researching what my other friends that aren’t here are up to. This is costing us the loss of our social skills both slowly and quickly and at the same time.

There are many issues that face America and many are grave ones. These issues cannot be solved in one giant monumental sweep. Follow with me. Think about fixing or re-arranging problems. These problems can be from cleaning a house to fixing a car. There is no possibility of coming in and blinking your eyes or twinkling your nose. It must be started piece by piece, increment by increment. I think that’s what we get in trouble with when we begin to search complete overhauls instead of starting top to bottom in the problems that are facing us. With a house, you wouldn’t destroy the foundation because there is something wrong with the roof.

For an example police brutality has become out of control. In my opinion, the police force is losing the support of the nation. The general population of the nation think they could be brutalized, attacked or taken to jail for any superlative reason. However, to begin fixing this you cannot start in a monstrous one move solution. It will take years of re-writing the attitude and the culture of the bad officers. There are great officers as well, but right now most Americans believe that if they see a cop, they are coming to ruin their day or more. Perhaps pull them out of their car and talk to them like they are in first grade and even pepper spray them into oblivion, because that seems reasonable. The first step is to have a nationalized training course for the officers, including poor or superb police officers. I think these trainings should focus on how all of these perpetrators are still human: have mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters just as the police officer does. Really impart into them the meaning of a human being and the importance of an individual when they commit a crime. Especially if they are not violent. What is the point of just belittling and harassing a suspect?  Also, they need to realize that they are innocent until proven guilty.

There are a lot of other issues facing the country, but it doesn’t change the fact that people just seem oblivious to each. Attached to their phones and their butt phones, giving signals and vibrations all over their brain and sphincter.

This idea of the lack of treating people as people in regards with respect goes into nearly every problem facing this country. The proposition of loving each other just a tiny bit would not solve everything, but God it really would be a step in the right direction. Problems just do not come in national ordeals or crises. It happens literally all around us. In workplaces, it happens in schools, it happens in friendships these days.

There is absolutely little chance that you will love or even love every person you come in direct contact with. By thinking that from what I wrote is completely off base. The point attempted to be made is with effort on a variety of topics, but one of them is to try to treat other people with the respect of family members: grandparents, parents, siblings. And to also remember that these people you’re blowing off, avoiding and treating with disdain all have problems too. Not precisely your problems, but problems that may cause a wakeful night, may cause tears, hopelessness and other anxiety. Remember that.

Compassion, empathy, love, forgiveness and an attitude to accept an individual that you do not know as someone that is a person like you. Don’t treat people you are unfamiliar with with an attitude of disdain. Keep in mind this person is like you and just because you may think they are “some loser” so much that you have to cross the street because “Holy God” THEY LOOK WEIRD.

Acceptance, tolerance and a willingness to give a person a shot to someone that isn’t you or in your silly (CIRCLE.)

Not all problems will be solved like this. However, treating people with more respect and love than we do now will make a giant stride in the issues with we face. Sticking our faces into the phones we carry does nothing to benefit people. Even more so the people that you are sitting around a table with. If you want to play on the internet or use insanely pointless apps, tell your friends you’re staying home for the night. However, if you’re going out with your friends, keep your phone in your pocket and talk to the person across from you. Talk to the person on the street.

Be kind.

Because listen:

The rest of us will die like sunshine into the night.

-Stay Tuned-

Justin Marshall

James Dust

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