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Kipp Beansworth is The Shockuation Rooms's entertainment and pop-culture correspondent. He has several elaborate theories involving pop culture and the McKinley assassination, all of which are available on request. Kipp began his professional life as a veterinarian. In time, however, his affection for writing, popular culture, and television eclipsed his veterinary ambitions. He shoved his feline cadavers in the back of the closet, gave their living-room space to DVD sets of Three's Company, and never looked back. Although he hasn't owned a television set in nearly three decades, Kipp has recapped several hundred hours of programming — including both Citizen Kane movies, for which he did not receive hazard pay. Since 2011, he has been a contributor to the Shockuation Room, where he has written about books, movies, television and pop-culture miscellany. Kipp's work has also appeared in Ferrets Magazine, Paranoia Magazine, and in many, many veterinary medical journals. Kipp lives in Burbank, CA., where he devotes himself to his grand-nieces, Scrabble, and perfecting his plan to build the world's best rollercoaster.

Nintendo Announces Even Smaller NES Classic

That’s right. Nintendo is re-releasing an even smaller version of the classic ’80s Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Yesterday, the Japanese electronics manufacturer announced the return of the beloved console even smaller than first imagined. In the press release, Nintendo said … Continue reading

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The History of Jazz, Part I

In the beginning, there were lots of good jazz. The truth is, however, most of the jazzes were bad ones, and a man had to do some hard searching to find the good jazzes. One man, named Mister Jazz, had … Continue reading

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Top Ten: Jaleel White’s Most Memorable Roles

For this edition of the Top Ten, the Shockuation Room is celebrating actor Jaleel White with a retrospective of his career. To commemorate 30 years on screen, let’s look back at Jaleel’s ten most memorable characters. 10. Steve Urkel, “The … Continue reading

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Mad Men, Breaking Bad May Face Cancellation

Two of AMC’s original programs could soon be looking for a new home. Mad Men producer Matthew Weiner said Tuesday the show can’t continue under its current financial model, following a report that big pay cuts are being sought for … Continue reading

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10 Summer TV Shows You Can’t Miss

Summertime usually means a lull in original TV programming. Wrong! This summer, the networks are rolling out dozens of new shows. Which ones are worth your time? Kipp’s here to share his top ten. 1. Bollywood Game Night (STAR Plus) … Continue reading

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Which Singing Show is Right for You?

In today’s fast-moving society, it’s difficult to know which televised singing competition is worth your time.  That’s why The Shockuation Room has put together a handy field guide highlighting the key differences between American Idol, The X Factor, The Voice, … Continue reading

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Hipster or Homeless? How to Spot the Difference

In today’s fast-moving society, it’s important to size up your competition in the heat of the moment. But with recent changes in fashion and dress codes, it’s often difficult to tell a hip marketing whiz kid from a penniless street … Continue reading

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Soldiers Celebrate First Day of ‘Ask, Tell’

WASHINGTON – In a landmark decision on Tuesday, the U.S. military repealed the policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” a ban that President Barack Obama said has caused gay and lesbian soldiers to “lie about their true identities.” Shortly … Continue reading

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American Idol a Terrorist Front?

LOS ANGELES, CA –  Everyone’s favorite so-called “talent” show (that nobody seems to watch) is continuing its decade-long stranglehold on America’s television ratings. But after ten seasons and six different judges, American Idol may have finally gone too far–and the … Continue reading

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